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When targeting Queen Snappers, Snowy Groupers, Scamp Groupers, Golden and Blue Line Tile Fish, Barrel Fish, Amberjacks, Almaco Jacks, and many more species that live in deep water then this category is for you.  

All of the jigs pictured in this category have been proven over and over to be very effective at getting deep water fish it bite.  These jigs range from 400g to 600g and are designed to get you to the bottom fast.  Since most deep jigging is done while drifting in depths of 400’ to 1000’ you want your jigs to get to the bottom as quickly as possible and to stay in the strike zone as long as possible.

All of our Deep-Water Jigs are completely rigged with oversized top-quality components from heavy duty stainless steel split rings and solid rings and finished off with super strong / super sharp dual top and bottom assist hooks to help land as many fish as possible.  Give any of these styles a shot and you won’t be disappointed.